Hey viewers, happy Monday/Columbus Day!

In the picture above, I purchased these two very beautiful pieces from a Vintage store called 1928 Jewelry. I love in Burbank and my mom lives in North Hollywood and I visit her every Friday. When I get out of her house and begin driving to my own, I always take the same route which is through Magnolia, passing by the Burbank Portos and all. I have always wondered where these little stores were all about, them being mams and pops shops, tiny and unknown I never really stopped by. About two weeks ago, I always going home again and I really wanted to visit MORPHE and get new brushes and makeup goodies. I went to MORPHE bought my stuff then as I was walking to my car I remembered and said to myself oh well lets just go through some stores, and well so I did. I went through about three stores all of which were vintage, but I mean REAL vintage, like preowned. Now I don’t really like the smell/ look of that and I always get the creepers not knowing who they belonged too, you know scary movies and all….
Anyways guys my 4th store was 1928 Jewelry and I noticed that their style was vintage, but replicated not actual vintage. Right away I noticed the earrings and thought they were so beautiful and elegant. Then as I circled around and around I noticed the necklace, it was the only one left. I grabbed it and went straight to the cashier, ohhhhh shall I mention that they were having 40% OFF on a lot of the items and these were one of them? No it isn’t important….
So that is the story behind this purchase. I love interesting jewelry, nothing crazy but definitely interesting. Who ever is  reading this if you are ever in the area, check them out. I will soon have a demonstration of it with a full outfit to show how it could be worn. If you guys have any questions or comments please leave them down below.
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi/Creativien 

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