Different Approach To Maternity Shoot


Hello to you all, I have been MIA lately but I am trying to keep this going as regular as possible. I am at my last month of my pregnancy and all I want to do is lay on my bed…although I cannot complain, I did have a wonderful pregnancy but it is a given for me to feel this way at this stage in the month. I literally wake up with great energy in the morning and by 1 pm I feel as if I have cleaned an entire city, no I’m totally joking and exaggerating, but something similar to that would be a better fit(I entered my 9th month). Let’s just move on to the topic I will be talking about today before I go on a pregnancy rant.


Outfit Details:
Dress: (Forever21)
Leather Jacket (ZARA)
Booties (ZARA)
Necklace/Bullet (IceLink)
Glasses (GIVENCHY)



Outfit Details:
Dress (H&M)
Shoes (ZARA)

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Pregnancy is a beautiful part of women hood and those who get to experience it know what I am talking about, for those that have not, if it is in your heart I truly wish you do too. Besides the aches and the worrisome that at times catch you off guard during pregnancy, there are far more fun and enjoyable moments as well. Such as a maternity shoot, it is super exciting and you get to show off your beautiful belly and the power a women’s body. Really it is not just a trend, at least for me it wasn’t. The pictures above are specifically chosen to show an everyday look, something more in my natural habitat, something that is more ME. Pregnant or not I wanted to stay within my style and show that it is a beautiful feeling and it is possible to feel good in your own skin even when you have a watermelon inside you that sometimes doesn’t let clothes properly zip up. Every stage of being a women is gracious, I think I learned that throughout this entire process. Sometimes we do not think of ourselves as anything but another human, but really growing another human inside of us is pretty F@%*% awesome. Yes I miss my jeans, my crop tops and my heels, but in this stage of my life, I get to experience something more marvelous and magical.




Outfit Details:
Glasses (PRADA)
Hat (ZARA)


Outfit Details:
Top and Skirt (Custom Made)
Shoes (Pour La Victoire)
My friend and I brainstormed on and off for about a month about how I want the pictures to look and what theme I am really going for. I first thought of an enchanted theme as it is so beautiful to link that theme with pregnancy, something sort of in a garden like place, something we have all seen done numerous amounts of times on Pinterest specially. Then I changed my mind and wanted to go with just being myself in the city and my friend Anna was totally for it as she had the same vision for me. I chose my outfits then reported to her and she chose the locations, I personally would not know where to go, she is pretty good at these stuff. Our first stop was the Bradbury building in downtown which is the last picture with the all black lace approach. We ran into some minor complications there as they have made it into a permit zone photo shoot location. Although Anna managed to capture some beautiful shots right outside the building which came out very interesting enough.
We then headed out to Melrose, Anna had this idea to make my shoot very blogger like and have me strolling around Melrose with my belly and take pictures at different spots. We ended up doing so and the remaining of the pictures are taken in Melrose. She took me to the Paul Smith’s extremely pink wall and thought it would be ironic to take a picture there since I am having a boy. Basically the more random the better, we generally were not looking for specific boy-ish signs to be by. Funny thing is we found this random parking lot with a deserted business that had these beautiful bushes along with a blue wall behind it and we were like, well this is actually perfect. Most of our time was spent on getting good shots from this background since it fell so perfectly with my William. It was honestly so much fun because I did not feel pressured to act or look a certain way, I was simply just spending another regular day with my friend being myself, dressed like myself. She really did it out of the goodness of her heart and I truly appreciated that. I thank her for that dearly.
I really think that a pregnancy shoot is a positive idea where it stores your memories of how each and every baby shapes you. I hope you guys enjoyed my post and I shall be back soon with another to keep this flow going.
Thanks for the read,
Love Vivi

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