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Pretty In PINK


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Hello to the world, hope everyone is doing great! I wanted to share my current favorites and what I generally carry around in regards to lipsticks since summer is just around the corner.
First off let’s just enjoy how pretty some of the packaging is. Who is not a sucker for that? Although, yes there have been many times where I felt for the beauty of the packaging and the product itself was very disappointing. But let’s not focus on the negative and proceed with these PINKS.
The first one from the left hand side is the DIOR Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm in Sheer Natural Pink. This lipstick really serves as more of a chap stick like look, although what is amazing about it is that it gives your lips a very hydrated look and also it works with the flow of your blood so once you put it on it adds a natural fresh pink color. That is what the SEPHORA worker explained to me, it basically enhances your own natural lip color. It is not a crazy must have since you can pretty much get this same look from other brands that are cheaper but again, packaging is too adorable and I really like how the product feels on my lips. I saw Lilit Caradanian showcasing it on her snap story and I was automatically drawn towards buying it and trying it on, and when I did I really ended up liking it.
Next stop is NARCISSIST world. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this lip pencil.  It has a velvety matte finish and stays on all day, and I mean all day. It is honestly one of the prettiest pinks I have and ever purchased. Pink lipsticks never look good on me and sadly I have been obsessing over them lately as you can see above. Although this specific one sits so beautifully within my skin tone it is unreal. NARS in general has a very good line of cosmetics, specially these lip pencils. How I wear this lip pencil: I gently brush it upon the borders of my lips to give it the lining that suits me. Then I begin to fill it in, again gently. It gives me the right coverage on my lips and a perfect tint for both a day look and night. I truly urge you guys to get at least one of their lip pencil colors, you will definitely not be disappointed.
Next is the GIVENCHY Le Rouge Perfecto Beauifying Lip Balm. This balm has three steps, it moisturizes the lips, plumps, and gives a natural pink hue once it is on. It is less sheer than the DIOR I mentioned above, although they are close in activity. If you are planning on purchasing, either one works and almost does the same job. Although upon application, I would say the GIVENCHY has more color than the DIOR and if you would like to purchase, it should be based on what you want your lips to look like.
This next one I purchased recently. I am not really a fan of lip glosses, I am more of a satin to velvet finish girl but this CHANEL lip gloss really took me by surprise. It is such a pretty deep pink and not sticky at all. I know with lip glosses everyone is mostly concerned about the sticky tendency it has. I got this lip gloss in the color tendresse and it is the Rouge COCO Gloss collection. I personally am not a huge fan of CHANEL cosmetics, I think it is overpriced and does not perform to its name and price but I was dragged towards it due to a sale Macy’s was having on all cosmetics (10% OFF). So when I saw this color and tried it on, I new it was for me. If you are into the pink glossy tones then go ahead and give this lippy a try, it is truly beautiful.
Lastly, the GIVENCHY Le Rouge-A-Porter in color 104 Beige Floral. This Lipstick is new in my collection and I am absolutely in love with its color and formula. I truly recommend this to people who are into the nude pinks and love a nice packaging. It goes on the lips like butter and feels super hydrated throughout the day. It is a satin finish which leaves your lips feeling great and beautiful. Strangely, it’s a color that will match any skin tone, literally. I bought it at first with the intention of trying it on and returning it and ended up falling in love with it completely. I am really starting to love the GIVENCHY line of cosmetics, and to be honest you get what you pay for.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post about my summer favorites and what I naturally carry in my bag daily. Please don’t hesitate to comment about any concerns or questions you may have. I would gladly answer away.
Thanks for the read,
Love Vivi


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