William’s Arrival


Smelly diapers, sleepless night, and awesome cuddles. Here comes baby William.

Today’s post will focus on the full pregnancy up until now, personally from my experience. I would like to think that I had a very sweet and nice pregnancy. When and before I got pregnant I always heard of horror stories about being pregnant. Beginning with the throwing up, the discomfort, the fatigue, heartburn, the list really just goes on. I am here to tell you that all of those things are DAMN REAL but every BODY reacts differently, and thankfully I did not have them.

At first I actually could not believe that I was pregnant because first I did not feel any different as others described I would feel and second I began showing around 5-6 months. I remember the day of William’s gender reveal party when I was taking pictures, I was trying my very best to look as bloated as possible or holding my dress a bit tighter for it to indicate my belly more. I guess some may call this my issue. I have a small bone build up so I did not gain too much nor show when I was supposed to, but again everyone is different. I kept comparing myself to others and my sister-in-law told me DO NOT DO THAT, everyone has a different body type as I was getting a bit sad and weirdly worried to why it was so tiny…My doctor reassured me that he is growing fine and in fact he is a tall baby.

Throughout my pregnancy I used apps that were referred to me by several people and honestly I lived by them. Some of these apps I am now passing along to others who will really enjoy it as well. It taught me weekly of how my baby was growing and what size of a fruit he was that specific week along with hand size. It also told me a lot about my changes mentally and physically which I thought was a great help to be aware of what is coming. I personally enjoyed it and looked forward to his growth every week. The apps are called: Pregnancy+ and Ovia pregnancy. P.S. you will not be disappointed!

These days I am 39 weeks and 1 days, 274 days of pregnancy, Jesus Lord! My husband calls this 274 days of no Sushi….I mean I am just still in shock that it went by so fast. I will tell you guys the truth, when I was not showing much it felt like this pregnancy was taking a lifetime but once I started to see him grow and feel those crazy kicks time just sort of flew by. Sometimes it is very emotional to think that he will be out of there and I will never get that chance again to keep him warm, safe, and specifically have him in my tummy. It is a strange feeling to explain but even though I am begging him to come out now, I am also enjoying my last few days with him so close to my heart. We went through this together and no matter how much I explain to anyone, the feeling is always going to be better felt and understood between the mother and the baby.

Mentally, I am very much ready to meet William, physically from discomfort I am 200% ready for him to arrive but the pain that I am told I will feel, that, I am not sure if I am. Although I am being very optimistic and not thinking or stressing myself over it. We as women are built for this process and so there is no need to feel any sort of negativity! I hope whoever is pregnant now alongside me feels that way and keeps themselves occupied with positivity and the arrival of their baby, Pinterest can help! 🙂

Weight gain is never fun even during pregnancy or should I say specially during pregnancy. Although I am here to tell you that not all of it is on you and most of it will go once the baby arrives within those few weeks. The average baby is mostly 7-8lb which will be lost over night 🙂 happy yet? breasts take about 1-3lb itself, uterus another 2lb, about 2lb of amniotic fluid, 3-4lb of extra blood, 2lb of placenta, and 4lb of  retained fluid (swollen ankles and all). All of this will be going away and you will be back to normal. By the way all of this information I just mentioned is from my app and it really helped me understand where all the weight is swooping in from. I personally gained 25lb throughout my pregnancy which is perfectly fine. When I first got pregnant I was 130lb and that was the largest I have ever been in my life. I lost 5lb within the first 4-5 months, did not have any weirdness but just simply did not have an appetite to eat as much. Once I started to show is when I began to pack the pounds. My doctor told me that due to my body and my weight I should be growing a pound each week as I was seeing her monthly at the time. She told me to keep my eating at minimum and if I wanted ice cream at night to not give in to it. I did couple of times at night as some of you may have seen on my snap chat but overall I did maintain a good diet and did not really crave special foods. I generally am a picky eater so this was just another normal day for me.

I am not 6 days away from my due date and I cannot express the excitement that goes through my body when I walk by his crib and all the baby essentials. It is an interesting feeling to know that this baby was made with love between two people and he will have both of our looks, personality, habits, etc. My husband and I at this point are just playing the waiting game and so far William is winning.

Feel free to comment below with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Thanks for the read,

Love Vivi

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