June 17, 2017

Good morning everyone, long time no read huh? Sorry, I had to give birth…
Guys, for the longest time I wanted to write my experience as an open book and give you guys the entire thing raw. In fact, I wrote the entire experience on here and then erased it. I will most certainly still provide my experience to those who are interested to hear, although I know that if I just put the full naked process on here I am going to get some talks out of it. Please feel free to ask me any questions you would like to hear about either before, during and even after pregnancy. I promise to answer truthfully and clearly. I will though go through this post explaining the bare minimum about my day on the 17th of June.
June 17, 2017 3:05pm: The day I became a mom
For those of you that are wondering how a birthing process works, it is pretty complex, interesting yet complex. I had never in my life been poked with so many needles, not hurtful but definitely new and out of my norm.
I got an epidural around 3:45am on June 17th as I was getting irritated with the constant contractions at that time already. The feeling of the pain is somewhat indescribable. It is almost like a constant annoyance that just gets stronger and stronger. Although us women are strong and our bodies are built for the process. I went through my epidural once my pain level hit within the 60’s, at that time I gave in. I had a wonderful process with the doctor who performed the epidural procedure. She did such a great job on someone who was going into all of that for the first time. She really took the time to explain everything to me while she was performing the injection. I hope this is the same way my second time around.
My biggest reason to getting the epidural was mostly for what I would feel after the delivery. I am sure you guys know what I am referring to. If that was the case I did not want to be aware of it. I think I could honestly say that I am proud of myself for the way I handled the entire situation from my 9 months pregnancy all the way to labor and delivery. For being such a chicken (no joke) I think I did pretty good. Everyone basically said if Vivi can do it anyone can…(sad, I know).
Hours and hours passed by and the process did its job and so around 2:00pm the nurses told me that my body was at its tops and it was ready to deliver. I mean about time right? I was there from 1:30am and barely began pushing around 2pm. The nurses told me that it would take about 3 hours tops for the entire delivery to go through, and I was just like really? 3 hours more and this time of pushing? sounds like joy! Guys, what three hours…1 hour. William was born 3:05pm on June 17, 2017. They say this for first time moms just in case it takes longer to deliver. I know people who have gone through it all much much less than an hour.
He had wide open eyes, long legs, and pink skin. This was my William. I cannot say I was overly emotional, but I did shed a tear or two when they put him on my chest. I think my reason for crying a bit was more towards is he real? did I just give birth to a human being  that weighs 6 pounds (Jesus lord!) no I am totally kidding. It is definitely overwhelming to see your baby, someone who was made from love with someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. He was real and he was ours.
My husband’s smile was from ear to ear, he took so many pictures of him and I could tell he instantly fell in love with William. He sent those pictures to all our friends and family welcoming our baby to the world. It was a beautiful scene to see while a bunch of stuff was happening to my body.
Overall I had a wonderful pregnancy and a wonderful birthing experience. I could not be happier with the way things turned out and went. I hope that everyone takes it this way, easy breezy and BAMMMM a baby! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my little tribute to Williams birth and again if you soon to be mommies out there want to hear more, shoot a comment or a message and I could definitely make that happen!
Thanks for the read,
Love Vivi


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