The Girl On The Train

-Haunting questions while reading- 

  • Could what you see really hurt you?
  • Is there such thing as being in the wrong place at the right time?
  • Does your mind play tricks on you, or do you really believe what you see?



 I did not know about this book until a friend recommended it to me after she had read it on her vacation. DO NOT get fooled when you read my BIO and see that I was an English Lit major, reading was my hated part, writing I enjoyed. I have to really and I mean really get into the first page for me to even consider it. Books have to have a very appealing cover (yes, yes, don’t judge a book by its cover…I don’t care, I do!). The book has to have a very and I mean very catching phrase right off the bat. If you read this book or have read it you see or will see what I mean by that. I went on a dinner with my friend Anna, the one who recommended me the book at the time I already had begun reading the book but was not too far into it yet. We were eating and I could have seen the joy in her eyes because she was ready to spill the beans! I told her, damn it! just tell me what happens. She than does….(I will not spoil it for you, but believe me when I say that even if I do spoil the ending, you will never understand why until you read it). After she had told me the ending, I could not understand why? I could not wait to get home to continue reading. I then got very busy and could not go through with it but the urge of not knowing the process of the book was LITERALLY giving me anxiety. So what did I do? I bought the audio book from Amazon which saved me a lot of time and I enjoyed the book much more. This little 10 hour book kept me on my toes. I could not wait to go to work so I could listen to it in my car, then I couldn’t wait to go to lunch and well, you get the point. In 2 days in between work, home and personal things I had to take care of, I finished the book and boy was I in love! I could not wait for the movie to come out. My friend and I quickly got the tickets and went to watch it the first day it came out.

-Movie Review-

Guys…. …………………………………………………………………………..I did not like it. I did not hate, but I was not a fan of it. I kept remembering the book, the little details, the accents, and the voices. I didn’t identify them as I thought I  would. It was not in order of the book (which is normal,BUTTTTTT I wanted it to be). My advice to you is DO NOT read the book then watch the movie, maybe doing the opposite way (or not) because you will just be disappointed. This happens all the time when the book is crazy good and the movie just does not compare so its no news.
I hope you guys enjoyed this review and hopefully I can do more. I am planning on getting the Gone Girl audio soon and reading that. I have seen the movie so hopefully I can enjoy the book now.
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi/Creativien

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