Favorite Sunglasses of Summer’17


monday girl

Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well and being productive. I wanted today’s post to be about my summer 2017 favorite sunglasses. Although some of these I have owned years back, I am still rocking them this summer. Some stuff just don’t get old, you know?

ray ban

‘Classic Clubmaster’ by Ray Ban
First post is my all time favorite Ray Bans ever! Literally these match with any attire and any hair color. I absolutely love these and have them in my bag with me at all times. They are extremely comfortable and super light to wear, I really think they look good on every face shape. When I purchased these about three years ago I could not decide whether to get the tortoise shell or the simple black one, they both looked so good on. Although at the time of my purchase I had blonde hair and for some reason I was drawn to this specific one more. I would love to purchase the black one as well later this summer, these are just classics.


’58mm Flat Top’ by GIVENCHY
I got these babes last summer when it just came out and truth be told I live in them. The comfort of these are incredible and it just makes you look cool no matter how shitty you may look on some days. Come on, is that not what glasses are for? They do justice for me. I love how dark the lenses are and how straight the top is, it gives the all time edgy look that I love so much. I would definitely recommend these, and come on they are GIVENCHY, who says no to that?


‘Rock-stud Cat Eye’ by Valentino
These cuties are pretty new to my summer wears and I really love again the comfort of it. Although besides just the comfort which I am all for, I also like that it is burgundy and a bit different than all the other ones I have. It is very classic with its shape, I feel like I should wear it, put on a light scarf around my head and cruz down a mountain in a light blue convertible. Can you guys picture what look I am going for when I say that? I think so.


‘Havana’ by PRADA
These PRADA glasses are so simple and yet so pretty on, they can go from dress up to dress down real quick. Everyone needs a pair of glasses that could do that for them. These are simply thrown in my bag as emergency glasses which happen to be everyday…don’t judge, I carry multiple sunglasses not sure why. Then I complain that I have no room left for my keys, which is a whole different story. Ughhhhh Glasses just make everything look better, messy/dirty hair (glasses used as a head band) ugly face day (glasses used as a shield to not hurt anyone’s eyes), they just know what to do! These too are very light weight sunglasses and comfortable to wear. I tend to mention those two a lot because I have bought sunglasses and then returned due to not having my comfort. I purchased CELINE glasses twice and both times returned because of the uncomfortableness and the fact that it would slide off of my face…now this could easily be my nose by I just generally think they are uncomfortable sunglasses, although gorgeous.


’62mm Aviator’ by Versace
These rebels are pretty new to my collection and I would like to fully welcome them with this post. I fell in love with its boldness once I saw it and tried it on. As you guys can see, there is a simple theme going with all the sunglasses I own and love, so for me to get this it was a big move. I love how rebellious they are, so badass, totally reminds me of Tom Cruz (Top Gun) sort of style SOOOOO don’t mind me while I drool on that thought. As I tried it on I imagined this to be worn with a leather jacket and BAMMMM I was sold. I think these are the IT glasses of my summer, can’t wait to use and abuse them.

givenchy 2 new

Lastly, this is my summer want. I love the bold branding, I think it is very risky but it came out chic and I adore it. I have not yet tried it on to see if it looks good on my face, although I have a feeling it will. They have a white and black one and gold and black which is the post above. The white and black one as my friend called it looks “cheap” and I actually agree with her on that, but of course it is a preference and everyone has their likes and dislikes. I personally would go for gold and black.
So this is it for today’s post, my summer favorites are in and hope to hear from some of you to what yours are!
Thank you for the read, I will chat with you guys soon. 

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