Scent Takes Us Through Many Wonders


hello world! Today’s blog post is focused on a perfume I bought about a month ago and  wanted to share it with all of you fragrance fanatics. To be honest, I never thought this perfume existed, I did not even know it’s name when I first heard of it. My mother in law had a friend who came over to our house once and she had this stunning scent filling in the rooms as she would walk by and I for one have an overactive nose that smells everything and anything…a blessing and a curse indeed. I truly had to ask her because it just smelled rich and fierce, two things one should dig in a perfume. She told me at first the name is REPLICA and I was like say no more, it is probably just a fake perfume judging by the name given. I was of course wrong and had my wrong thinking cap on, should have thought fashionably and not literally. Long story short, she gave me couple of names the perfume itself has which I cannot even bring myself to remember due to my pregnancy brain but I wanted to go and purchase it ever since. One thing you guys should know about me, I tend to be cheap when it comes to buying perfume, I do not know why. I could spend thousands on shoes, clothes, and bags but when it comes to buying perfume I shake until I give it up. I just love receiving it as gifts… 😉 (hint hint). I finally, recently got myself to purchase it with a help of a friend (Nicole). I could not decide between JAZZ CLUB or PROMENADE IN THE GARDENS by Maison Martin Margiela, they both smell out of this world although each having very different characteristics. I kept making poor Nicole smell it because after sometime my nose was just out of business and did not want to work with me. She liked more of the JAZZ CLUB which is very tobacco like scent but PROMENADE IN THE GARDENS reminded me of rich women who dressed up, smoked cigarets and wore real fur, very 50’s. I really do not expect any of you to understand these weird scenarios I have but that is the picture I got when I kept smelling the one I eventually purchased. #ThanksNicole Perfume is so very necessary, I could never understand a person who does not like nor wear perfume unless of course they are allergic, but other than that it is totally a compliment to a women’s entire attire. It also says a lot about ones personality. I can say my scent style can bend many ways, some are very narrowed down to a specific scent, I like a good variety of them. I cannot say that during summer I would like wearing this perfume, it will definitely not fit me well with the heat combined and not because of sweating (because I have issues with not sweating) but because it is a very piercing scent and I see it more with thicker clothing and edgier styles. I am telling you guys, perfumes are a fashion sense of their own, I cannot emphasize that enough. My friend Anna also recently gave in and bought this brand and she got one called LIPSTICK ON which for her is nostalgic. It takes her back to a time where she was a little girl watching her grandmother put on a vintage lipstick. It is very interesting how scent makes us time travel, so it does exist 🙂 I have yet to smell that one at the store, it smelled like heaven on her. well this is it for today and I hope that you guys go to SEPHORA and smell this gorgeous simple package because you will not regret it. Definitely, 100% add it to your collection if you have not already. 
A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. -Dior 
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi

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