Fifty Shades of Valentine


Are you guys enjoying this red on red on red on red? I sure am. Something about the color itself lights it up does it not? what I have featuring in this photo are the flowers my husband got me today, the shoes I have yet to wear (Gianvito Rossi), a beautiful RED leather jacket my husband got me for Christmas (ZARA) which I still have the tags on…and the gift I got my husband on his birthday, his prized possession, his guitar. I actually like to use it as a statement in pictures now since it is just so gorgeous and rebellious looking.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Some may say this is such a cliche day where every guy on the planet is forced to do something special for their beloved(my husband is one of those people, he doesn’t believe in one day, he believes in everyday). I think cliche is sometimes okay and it works out. This is a beautiful day and it should most certainly be celebrated, although not one way, both partners should equally participate. To be honest, I did not do much today, we usually go out to dinner and get fancy gifts but this year we kept it very minimal. I got my husband a brainy game which he legit swears by, I got it from Marble the Brain Store. And of course my go to card store papayrus which has only the best cards on the planet. Was not much to begin with but I rushed home and placed it on our bed where his side is and watched him take a peek. He on the other hand did get me a new car, a RED one 🙂 with the baby on the way we needed an upgrade to a larger vehicle for all the extra stuff I would have to be carrying around starting June.
What is it about Valentine’s Day that gets every woman crazy about receiving gifts and you know, all the other stuff. Is it possibly the color scheme or simply the air throughout the day. It was interesting today, as I was driving down to work this morning, I passed by two schools, both had booths working right in front of the school selling teddy bears, balloons, chocolates, and well you get the idea. I kept thinking to myself, wow I remember those days when in middle school and elementary school everyone was each others Valentine. The night before we would rip the wallets of our parents and make them purchase cards of our favorite cartoon characters in order to pass them around at school the following day. Then high school came along and that was totally gone. Having a Valentine was a brutal choice and every girl wished to receive that special candy bar with a tiny balloon on it during homeroom. Man I was definitely not one of the girls that received it, not even once…I cannot say I was ever sad about it though. I did not even notice that nor did I understand or think it should bug me, but when I look back, it was sort of sad in a funny way. Although I really wish times could roll back and everyone can receive something on Valentine’s Day, just so no one gets hurt or gets worried wether or not something is wrong with them. But anyways, this is all the ranting I have for today, feel free to comment below what you did on Valentine’s day and if would like to share some cool gift ideas for the following year.
“Love is powerful any day” -Vivi
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi

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