Fall Nail Colors, What’s Your Favorite?


These are all of my favorite colors for the Fall. They are rich in pigment and very long lasting.
The first color on the list is very diverse in seasons since it could be worn anytime of the year. I personally wear it both summer time and winter time. This color is called My Vampires Buff. I absolutely love the feel of O.P.I polish brushes as it goes on smoothly and it is thick enough to cover the nail and make it as easy as possible for application.
The second color on the list is called Squeaker Of The House. This color I love very much, although I am always made fun of for my love for browns and anything within that shade. Although I love this on nails, it is super pretty and professional enough where it is not too vulgar for work. Its subtle and taken care of.
The third color on the list is Yank My Doodle. I absolutely love this with all my heart. I think it is so chic and thoughtful. It is a personality test. It sort of says you aren’t afraid to wear daring colors and be outside the norm. It is perfect for October-December.
Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my absolute old favorites from this brand. It has a hint of burgundy and plum in the light but it is dark and mysterious without it. It has a lot of character and is definitely vulgar. I love this during Winter time and even sometimes summer, although it is certainly a winter girl. #daretobeBOLD
The fourth one is called Vodka & Caviar. What a beautiful combination huh? Guys, you can never, ever go wrong with the color red, did I mention never? I mean, this color works best all the time, it is the queen of colors in fashion and beauty history. O.P.I you have done it again!
Speaking of all time class, CHANEL, take the runway. This next color is called Rouge Noir. It is so simple and yet so sexy. It is very daring but subtle, it is an angel yet a devil. I can wear this color for the rest of my damn life!
NEXT! This color screams, “I slept at 8 pm last night, I eat healthy food, I am an honest person, and I only do good deeds” does it not? This color is called Particuliere It is this gorgeous clean creme that can also be worn during any day of the year, although I like the look of it during Fall as well coupled with a fluffy sweater of any color.
Lastly, saving the best for the end. Cavaliere is a beautiful shimmering brown that makes you look put together and timeless. I love this color and I need to get it in my collection ASAP!
Make sure to comment below on your favs!
“A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying”
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi/ Creativien

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