Birth of my name:

Hello everyone, my name is Vivien, also known as creativien in almost all of my social medias. My husband was the one to come up with my “name” because he said anything you come up with should have a hint of you in it and so I thought and thought and could not come up with anything. One day we were just cleaning around our room and he said creativien. Because at the time this meant absolutely nothing to me, I said to myself what gibberish language are you speaking? He said, this could be your new name, creativien. I couldn’t really understand why, he then explained to me that since I am creative and my name is Vivien they should just blend in together and give birth to creativien. Well folks that is how my name came about.


I graduated May of 2016 with a BA in English literature from CSUN. I then decided to pursue a certification program called TESOL at UCLA to become more custom to teaching and my ultimate goal while I plan out my MA. When I finished my certification I automatically sent in an application to USC to begin my MA in MAT/TESOL which is Masters of Arts in Teaching and has a slight focus of Teaching English as s Second Language. I cannot say that studying the various aspects of English is a true dream of mine, I never really fit in with the English Literature crowed (as my friend described it). Although what I do enjoy is being in control, watching someones mind blossom from knowledge, so in that sense I do enjoy it and will continue to enhance my skills and become what I put my mind and dedication towards. I am very very close to it and best believe that I will crab it. I think the more I grow the more I realize how much I can do with myself and how much I can make a practice out of different approaches in the educational field. Therefore getting an MA will not be an end of it, although my thoughts for a higher education will certainly not be in English after that. #onethingatatime


Life, oh life! Ending of 2016 was truly beautiful and a big surprise. I found out that I am going to become a mom. Narek and I were planning, William was definitely not a “oooops” baby so it was not too much of a shock, but simply a beautiful surprise and a grand ending to a stressful year. Life as we know it will soon change towards a new chapter on June 20, 2017. I honestly cannot imagine myself being a mom or even the first thing about what it feels like to be responsible for anything other than a pet. I think it is a blessing and a beautiful journey for where Narek and I are heading. I cannot wait to meet this little guy and give him my unconditional love. Along with less sleep soon, I will begin my Master’s program in the Fall (got accepted to USC, YEYYYYYY) so goodbye life? No, no, again just a wonderful journey awaits. Both William and my education were choices I made and thought through before I went forward with it and it really feels right.

Birth of my Blog/Social Media:

I began this blog with the push of my husband. I tend to mention him a lot…because he’s my BFF! But anyways, I love clothes, shopping, makeup, and anything girly you name it, I love it. It sounds a bit cliche I guess but I am who I state I am. I love decorating, making things, and even dressing people up by giving them tips and tricks. I remember as a child I used to use my cousin Maggy a lot for photo shoots and just styling because she was just so tiny and perfect in every possible way to be a model. I have loved this for a long time, it has always been a hobby of mine to go through web pages and look at the new fashion icons and their styles. Growing up my mom and I would watch the Golden Globes, Oscars, and all sorts of award shows where stars would dress in luxurious clothing and walk down a fancy red carpet. I would sit in front of the TV getting all sorts of inspiration and ideas. I know it sounds odd to say that this is a hobby per say, but it truly is, it is my happy place. When I walk inside a store, I forget myself, I forget my problems, my worries, and become this floating happy face. (I swear there are no drugs involved). My mom says I am obsessed, and so what if I am, if it makes me utterly happy so beat it! I love being a female and enjoying all the wonderful accessories that come with it 😉

In this blog:

In this blog I will be posting various genres, starting from fashion, makeup, reviews, books, movies, food, DIY, advice, anything and everything. I promise to give brief descriptions in my posts to serve a positive purpose for you viewers.
This blog is a less messier version of my mind, exciting issues are in formation.
Happy Searching!

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