LA Restaurants For The Picky


Are you a picky eater and are suffering from menus that have nothing for you? Well fear no more ladies and gents! It is time to reveal 7 places a picky eater can visit in LA and really have no complaints afterwards. What is it really about the place itself and not only the food that gets us picky eaters the jitters? Personally, I get disgusted very quickly from very simple things…such as outdoors where birds can attack me (I have Ornithophobia click on the blue link to read) or dirty chairs/ dirty anything. Cups that were not dried properly and have stains…my list could go on…you don’t want it to go on! Oh and just a reminder, I somehow find something in my food 75% of the time and it’s not an extra ingredient.
 This is from one picky eater to another! Let’s get started, shall we?
Target # 1: Firefly
Crispy Manzanilla Olives: Whipped Crème, Fraìche
Grilled Artichoke: Garlic Aìoli, Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
My oh my guys, this is heavenly! I get this appetizer each and every time I go! It will wow your taste buds and really make you think twice about what you can do with your food and all the ways you can prepare them. Who would have thought…fried olives with sour like creme.
Asparagus Risotto: Green Garlic, Parmesan, Salsa Verde, Garlic Chips
Guys…this dish is delicious and very light. I love anything that has cheese in it, any kind literally. It has a creamy texture and a delightful taste, I definitely recommend this if you ever happen to stop by.
The atmosphere of Firefly is very laid back and casual, alongside with a good date night which adds on to your plate of dress well and look pretty! This place can be used for many different events such as a brunch with girls celebrating “he put a ring on it” all the way to “I’m about to pop a baby”. Dinner is a must though, if you visit you have to go for dinner for sure because the vibe is great, service, food, all in all its a nice experience that won’t just be “it was good but I won’t come back again”. I know, because I end up saying this for most of the restaurants I visit.
Target #2: Gracias Madre
Flautas De Papas: Two rolled tacos filled with potatoes, caramelized onion, corn relish, guacamole, cashew, nacho cheese, cilantro
 Guacamole Con Tortillas: Mashed avocado, cilantro, onion, chile, lime, housemade tortillas
 Tostadas: Coconut ceviche, escabeche, beans, guacamole
 Coliflór Frito: Cauliflower, cashew, nacho cheese, lemon
 Mexican Wedding Cookies:
chocolate coconut ice cream, pecans
All of these 4 small dishes listed were delicious. Let me tell you that this restaurant is a vegan friendly place so picky eaters this is your place if you are looking for something light and semi fancy/authentic. The dishes come in a good size where two people are more likely to share than more. My friend found this place and we drove there on a crazy rainy day that California decided to have, but it was definitely worth it (right Anna?). Take a friend and have a fun day out. Let’s also talk about desserts…man oh man! Not only do they have stunning desserts but a well of a taste too. I cannot believe how awesome vegan recipes can be, it really is nice eating healthy…when someone fixes it for you… #toolazyforthat
Target #3: Penthouse
Mission: Fig goat cheese, Crispy prosciutto, 30 year aged balsamic, Watercress
Main Course
Scottish Salmon: Baby artichoke, Fingerling potatoes, Piquillo confit, Cerignola olives
Striped Bass: Morel mushrooms, Tokyo turnips, Pea tendrils
Macaroni & Cheese: With baked lobster and black truffle
Loaded twice baked potato: With white cheddar, bacon, and chives
Brussel Sprouts: With hazelnut, 30 year aged balsamic, and brown butter
Roasted Cauliflower: With cashew, romesco
Chocolate Soufflé: Flowerless, vanilla bean ice cream
Chocolate Truffle Torte: Dulce de leche, espresso ice cream
I think this was my very first and one of my very loved restaurants I started going to. I really loved the place itself because of its elegance, how the dinner tables are set and it gives that all time American vibe. It is a gorgeous place to go for having fun drinking or simply date nights. It could also be used for friendly outings. Their booths are a lot bigger for larger party gatherings and can really sum up someones ideal vision of an event. I personally love their food and just the vibe it gives me when I am there. I love the high roof top (even though I am a big chicken when it comes to heights) and the beautiful night view of Santa Monica. It is a must try in LA I would think.
Target #4: Koi
Literally everything on the menu is heavenly and you should order it all! I am not joking nor exaggerating when I say this. I first went here about 5-6 years ago on my first date with my husband (boyfriend at the time). I remember so clearly when he ordered the “She’s so LA” roll which has little shredded gold on top of it and I thought it was the cutest. I recently remembered about it and went there with my friends and we ended up ordering almost the entire menu which we could not get enough of. The place itself is very nice, clean, fancy, and the food is off the hook. I personally am a fish lover so it is hard for me to say no to it anywhere but this place really flew my taste buds to the moon and back. A definite must go and must try if you are in LA or visiting….if you like sushi.
Target #5: Ivory On Sunset 
Kale Salad: Hummus Vinaigrette, Pomegranate, Feta, Pepperoncini, Hazelnuts
Roasted Artichoke: Sun-dried Tomatoes, Feta, Cured Olives
Mozzarella: Basil, Tomato
Maryland Blue Crab Cake: Country Remoulade, Arugula, Pickled Red Onion
Meatballs: Calabrian Chiles, Braised Kale, Creamy Semolina
Buffalo Chicken Thigh: Ranch Mash Potatoes, Cabbage Slaw
Roasted Bone Marrow: Orange Segments, Caramelized Onion Jam, Brioche
Mashed Potatoes: Crème Fraîche, Garlic Confit
Truffle Fries
Roasted Cauliflower: Bagna Càuda, Fennel, Chili Flake
Brussels Sprouts: Saba, Ricotta Salata, Crispy Prosciutto
Wild Mushroom Risotto: Foraged Mushrooms, Truffle Gouda, Micro Thyme
Guys, I am telling you that I am one of those people who will brag about a place I visited once and will not stop going to afterwards. So when I name these places, I am not just naming them because they are considered “fancy”. You will really enjoy the food and the company of the waiters who help you along the way. Ivory is in fact a beautiful place itself, you could definitely dress up or down with it. I have not been there for breakfast nor brunch but looking at their menu, I sure am drooling to go. I have been there for dinner many times and all of those times I have came out with a happy stomach and a little bit less in  my bank account. I absolutely love their food, I first went to Ivory on my friend Anna’s (she seems to be in my blog a lot…) birthday and did not stop ever since, thanks Anna! Everything I mentioned above are all delicious. I personally don’t like meat but anything with meat you are seeing has been tested by my husband or my friends. What we like to do is mostly order appetizers which will not be small portions. They have very good sizing and it does fill you up. That is what we always end up doing, just ordering a bunch of appetizers and end up eating everything on the menu. Great place to celebrate any event, it will not disappoint.
Target #6 Forma
Dalla Forma
Tortellini: mushrooms, light cream, truffle oil – tossed with bella lodi cheese
Fresh baby kale salad: quinoa, fennel, heirloom cherry tomatoes, manchego, champagne vinegar
Potato fries: sea salt
Roasted cauliflower: melted fontina cheese
This place was heavenly delicious! I loved all of the food mentioned above. Although what I do recommend is not getting too much appetizers or sides so you can fully enjoy their famous tortellini. We made that mistake when we first went and ordered the salad, fries, and the cauliflower. Even though they were delicious they also filled us up to the point where we did not fully get to finish our final dish which was the absolutely amazing tortellini. If you love cheese and pasta, please go, I beg you just go. The way they make this pasta is pasta you have never ate before, I don’t want to spoil the surprise! You will see what I mean once you are there. On a side note you do not need to dress up for this place, not really fancy just casual. Although if you are extra like my friend you will.
Hope you guys all enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you are somewhat like me and are picky when it comes to eating. Also, if you guys have any suggestions to places I could visit please do comment below and lets chat!
Thanks for the read,
Love Vivi

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