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Good morning guys, as you all may know by now I have extreme love for new foundations. My last post was focused towards the Traceless Foundation by Tom Ford which I went on and on about how obsessed I was with it for such a long time and how I finally got my hands around it. Well this story shifted a tad bit, no….more like A LOT bit. Let’s continue on down below…

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So I purchased this beautifully packaged and super expensive foundation that I was melting over for two years and I could not wait to try it on and shower my face in it. Although this took a slight left turn when I applied it the first time. As I applied it to my face I noticed that the liquid itself was sort of just sitting on my face and not looking absorbed and healthy on the skin. The second time I applied it, I tried to make sure I moisturized first and maybe to try to fix the issue but it was the same case, the foundation just sat on my face as if someone had grabbed a painting brush and dabbed the color slightly on my face creating a painting life look. Something similar to the picture below;Foundation-39This may seem a bit exaggerated in the picture but it looks very similar to what I am trying to explain. Moving on, I have dry skin as you guys may know already and this specific foundation was supposed to be a good fit for my type. It was not, although because I was so obsessed with it I was sort of in denial that it was not working out for me. Granted though this was such a PERFECT color on me you guys, I never really get to say this because I have a strange tone and no foundation ever truly matches my skin. So that was an A+ on their end. Also I do want to go over the fact that my skin has changed quite a bit since I got pregnant. My tone is a shade lighter and just the texture of it changes throughout my pregnancy which makes it difficult for me to use certain foundations even though some I have used before pregnancy. This whole process is a surprise every step of the way, so Tom Ford not working out may be actually due to my pregnancy (as you can see I am still in denial). Therefore the giant obvious red X, it was returned. Moving on down below…


I wanted to share with you guys this new IT Cosmetics Cushion Foundation in color Light I purchased recently from ULTA. I got to say, I have used it three days in a row and no breakout was seen alongside positive results with its wear throughout the day. Might I mention that it is full coverage with literally one application?  My face felt very much hydrated and I need that throughout the day since I have dry skin. It is very easy to use on the go and definitely can be used for both day and night looks. I really do love cushion foundations because of its fast application and just the way it looks as I press it against my skin (I feel as if that line deserves to be in a sexually oppressed love story, such as Fifty Shades of Grey?). If any of you guys love this type of application with foundations definitely give it a go and try it out.  Now keep in mind that again, I have dry skin and this specific finish which is luminous really works for my type, if you are normal to oily skin type you might want to try their Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50+. This specific one might be a better fit for you. My only concern is how long will it last me, keep in mind that I do not wear makeup on a daily basis  but again with the cushion foundations they have a history of running out fast and due to its price ($38.00) I don’t know if I am willing to pay so very often. I will keep you guys posted to how long it lasts and how many times I end up using it within that time range. Let’s continue on below, for the last time…

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Lastly, I wanted to share with you guys my all time go to foundation that really truly works well with my skin. This is the IT Cosmetics, Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+. I bought this foundation early last year and have been abusing it ever since. The body itself is designed with a pump head which is easy to apply and use the foundation. The cost is great ($38.00) because it lasts such a long time, mine finally gave up on me a month ago. This foundation really gives me everything I need in terms of color, coverage, hydration and setting. I 100% recommend this to anyone who has dry skin and wants a luminous application for a very fair price. This too can be worn day and night, although I prefer more at night since it is super high in coverage and leaves your skin perfected. I naturally use this foundation in the color Medium, although as I mentioned above, due to my pregnancy my skin tone has opened up a shade and so this time I purchased both Light and Fair to mix together and get the result that I need. This shall be my IT Cosmetics…get it?
 I will have posts for you guys soon about other topics, if you guys have any specific suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment below. I would love to hear from you regardless.
Talk to you soon,
Love Vivi


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