TOM FORD; Foundation ALERT


  • Alabaster
  • Bisque
  • Caramel
  • Chestnut
  • Fawn
  • Natural
  • ETC…
Hi Guys, hope everything is going well and you had a productive day.
Today I came across some exciting news, Bloomingdales at the Riverside mall has finally added their new member, TOM FORD. I cannot explain my excitement because for about 2-3 years I kept wanting to buy this foundation ever since HRUSH used it on me for my engagement and I fell in love with it. If anyone knows me knows that I hate driving, specially far places, I get annoyed and if I go I need to drag along someone so I don’t get bored on the way. Tom ford foundation was literally only sold at the Beverly Center, that was the closest and did I want to go there…NO. I kept stretching it as much as I could, also the fact that it is not exactly the “affordable” type of foundation. The price is pretty high for its size, although I am almost certain I will get what I paid for even though my experience with it is long over due. I got the shade in FAWN which is a very natural tone. I cannot say it has any orange, yellow, or my most hated one, PINK. I would probably describe it more near to ashy which actually works for my skin since I fall under that more. I always have such a hard time finding my shade of foundation in general, although every since I got pregnant I feel as if my skin has lightened so I tend to get a lot lighter shades and mix two tones together to semi predict my actual tone of the moment. I really cannot wait to try  this TOM FORD on and see how it looks with full makeup. I recently had bought the NARS tinted moisturizer (again two colors, ALASKA and FINLAND) and their Sheer Glow foundation in Santa Fe. I was okay with the tinted moisturizers, they had beautiful coverage not that I need it but its nice to have it smoothly define your skin, although the only issue was that I had to purchase two colors to make my actual shade and each costs  about 45$. For me that was way too much for a tinted moisturizer. As for the Sheer Glow Foundation, I truly thought the coverage was beyond stunning, although after wearing it two days in a row, I got an allergic reaction from it and had little tiny red dots everywhere. Another thing that came about was that “sheer glow” was not exactly following its definition. It was actually very matte and gave cracks on my face. I just did not want to throw my money down the drain so I returned them (beauty of SEPHORA). I love NARS with all my heart and I think they have such stunning products but just these last purchases were not for me. The only tinted moisturizer I will stick to is my all time BFF IT cosmetics, nothing will ever replace that. Anyways, this is all I have for this week and I will keep you guys posted to how well this works on my skin and what are some of the pros and cons!
Thanks for the read,
Love Vivi 


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