COCO With A Blend Of ZARA

    “The only BS I need is BAGS and SHOES!”
COCO with a blend of ZARA really says exactly what is going on in this photo. Beauty’s, the bag that you are seeing in this picture can easily be mistaken for a CHANEL bag as it has already so many times within these past three days of me holding it. IT IS NOT CHANEL, simple ZARA. I saw this bag months back when ZARA recently had demonstrated it as their new collection and debated whether or not I should buy it. I literally grabbed it, went all the way to the register and said “I think I’m gonna leave this one”. The first moment I saw it I thought of adding my CHANEL brooch on it because the material of the bag is so CHANEL, it has that classic presidential fabric look (bouclé, tweed, and coating) to it which looks absolutely stunning/rich but yet it was only 40$. The bag comes with a long chain that has a quilted fabric in between the chains which adds that extra cuteness to the bag. As I mentioned before, months passed since I left it and last week my cousin and I went to ZARA for lunch and there it was staring at me again. She and I both purchased it and we haven’t stopped getting compliments on it ever since. I dressed it up with my pearled CHANEL brooch to give it that extra class but also paired it with a pin I got when I went to the COCO LOVES LA event last year. What I love most about this bag is the fact that it can be both dressed up and down, night and day. It is long, 6” tall and about 4” of space for all my junk I keep on a daily basis. It fits a great amount of stuff in it no doubt. The bag does come in navy blue and white, although to be honest, the white did not seem to be appealing, at least for my taste. I am more of a jean girl so I went with the blue. I really wanted to share this look with you guys since I have been getting numerous amounts of compliments on the bag itself and because of its high fashion fabric and CHANEL brooch attached to it people do get confused and do not think twice about what brand it may be. It really sort of blends in well together. I definitely think this is a prize to have over the spring time, it will really be the shining part of anyones outfit. Guys, I love a good bag, I am one of those people who do love brands and automatically fall for it when I see a good deal, what was that word again? oh ya materialistic. Although I just hate that word, it sounds so negative and the feeling really is not negative at all. I truly enjoy finding good branded stuff with great prices, but also love low price bags and just fashion pieces as well. I can honestly say that I can rock anything that is within my taste, if I like it I will buy it. As you all know already ZARA is my life, I can franchise and open one up in my own closet, just giving you guys a visual of what all my clothes are basically. I have countless amounts of clothes, shoes, and bags from there, but I also very much enjoy a GOOD/NICE bag, I truly cannot lie and whoever does that is in my same boat is just not being truthful to themselves. Hey, if it makes you happy DO IT! That is just how I see it. Anyways enough blabbering for today, I just wanted to share my latest purchase with you all. Have a wonderful Sunday!
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi

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