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Hello everyone, hope all of you are having a wonderful and productive day! Today’s post is about maternity fashion. As many of you know, I am pregnant and slowly getting into a fashion crises. I have all these pretty clothes that are starting to not look as appealing with a growing tummy. Now,  a pregnant tummy is in fact beautiful on its own, although there are some restrictions…when I think of restriction, I almost want to shed a tear because no one wants go through the part where they wear their jeans, it goes up well and when it comes to the part to button up, it just does not seem to work out. I have not grown much on my body besides my belly which I am very much thankful for. Although my jeans are not exactly comfortable to wear anymore since they are mostly all high rise and they push poor Williams cozy home. The pictures I have up are all pictures I have gotten from Pinterest of super stylish mommy’s who inspired couple of pregnant outfits for me. My absolute favorite would be the very first one with the thigh high boots. This is such a ME outfit that I generally wear and can totally pull of now as well. All of these styles are super cute and very stylish where it compliments the watermelon we have to carry around. I think it is important to not lose ourselves in the process of our bodies changing. When looking at the overall change every month sometimes it could get overwhelming, specially for us first times moms. Our bodies are truly remarkable because of all it is capable of doing. It really is a beautiful and at times uncomfortable process. I always imagined myself pregnant and I did not really picture it to be as I am right now. For some time I was sort of worried to why I wasn’t showing like others do and my doctor reassured that the baby is growing fine and it is just a body type. Best belief I am totally showing now although in moderation per month. I love my little belly, my little William, I just need to find me some cute jeans that are both comfortable and appealing. All the ones that I see at stores are hideous with 2004 style highlights on the thighs if you guys know what I am talking about. I recently ordered jeans from GAP maternity and they came in big. So far Having only my belly grow makes it a bit difficult to find bottoms. I literally live in tights which is ironically my most hated item in fashion history! I am simply waiting impatiently for summer to wear all the cute dresses I got, California is not making that happen for me yet this year. Do any of you know a maternity jean brand or any brand that has cute jeans for pregnant women that are actually nice looking? I am truly on a hunt and I refuse to wear the ugly ones, it is a fashion suicide! Please, please comment below if you know of any, it will really be a huge help for me. I am in definite need of new jeans to stop living in tights. Anyways, that is all for today’s chat and hopefully by the next one I could have an update on my findings. Just because one is pregnant doesn’t mean fashion is over. In fact, NEVER! 🙂 
“The best part of being pregnant? You don’t have to suck in your gut”
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi 

4 thoughts on “Mama Fashion

  1. Hey Vivien, I am going through the same thing. I started wearing maternity at the end of my 1st trimester. And believe me there isn’t any cute stuff to make work because you look forward to being comfortable. But I did get some cute tops from topshop maternity. Their bottoms I can’t fit in because they do run slimmer and doesn’t look good on a thick girl. I recently just purchased a dress… Looks grandma style but when I tried it on and you style it it’s great. Checkout Nordstrom and Hautelook. Even Target, Old Navy, Kohls has some cute stuff. They aren’t high end stuff but comfy and cute. Best of luck. Xoxo.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! As a first time mom to be it’s a bit difficult and any sort of help is positive help. I will look around in the stores that you mentioned. There are days when I am frustrated with the way my body is starting to feel and look but then again I think, this is a blessing and shut myself up! Best of luck!!!


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