About William

Hey guys, I have been missing only because of a huge news. I am expecting a baby BOY! How exciting is that? To be honest, I never imagined myself to have a baby boy. I have always been the type of person who was obsessed with baby girls because lets face it girls have the cutest clothes! okay, totally exaggerating, boys and girls are equally as fun. Bottom line is, I am stoked to announce this news and cannot wait till he arrives. My husband and I made a deal way before we knew the gender of the baby. I have always loved the name Stella, my biggest hope is to some day have a baby girl named Stella and so when I found out that I was pregnant my excitement for this name jumped off the roof. Keep in mind that my husband was not on the same page as me in regards to the name Stella. So what did I do? I made a fair share deal with him(shaking hands and all). If the baby is a girl I get to name her Stella, if it is a boy, he gets to name him of his choice. I guess he won on this round…Anyways, we are expecting a baby boy who will be named William Henry and we are super excited for all the experiences we are yet to be apart of. To tell you guys the truth, I have always been obsessed with babies. Anyone who knows me knows how scary it is when I see a baby, I just can’t control myself, I love hugging them and kissing them and just being around them. They can be very therapeutic. It is crazy to think that in June I will get to hold a human being that is my own, someone who was created with love and with whom I will forever call my best friend. I feel like I have always been the aunt and I like the title of mommy for a change. I cannot even begin to understand the love I will learn and be apart of for the rest of my life. For what started from butterflies that my husband gave me turned into beautiful little feet that will soon kick me around. A lot of people ask me, “are you scared, are you ready, how do you feel”all of these questions equal to one answer and that is that I am truly blessed to be able to create such a beautiful soul that I will soon call my son. Beautiful things are yet to come, whoever is trying to have children I wish you the absolute best in receiving a blessing such as this. peanut2
Besides the emotional talk, lets focus on this beautiful gift I received from my dearest friend Anna on William’s gender reveal party. A beautiful silver spoon from Tiffany & Co. with little engraved stars as that was the party theme. This is such a special gift that will be put to great use. I remember as a child my mom also had a special tiny spoon for me to eat from and I think it is a cute gift idea to give to women who are expecting no matter the gender. It is healthy and a beautiful memorable item to keep for a lifetime.  More regularly, I will be sharing a lot of baby aspects and also general. Great to be back, will chat soon!
A little bit of heaven sent down to earth
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi

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