Rocks & Studs

img_0300Hi guys, I apologize for skipping out last Wednesday. I truly got very busy with work and was unable to post. Todays posts focus is going to be my most recent purchased babies, the Valentino’s. Ahhhh the sound of its name is already gorgeous. I fell in love with this shoe the moment I put my eyes on it. I adore the fact that it is very different than what I have seen on anyone, I tend to like that. I love its dark burgundy skin with gold studs and turquoise rocks. These shoes would look super cute with jeans, casual dresses, loose sweater dresses, etc. Although, it can totally be dressed up as well as down, it all matters on how you do it and what attitude you portray while wearing it. You cannot have the shoe wear you, you have to wear it. This will be my 4th Valentino and definitely not the last….I do have a sad list that my husband wishes to burn. I really think they are the  most comfortable shoes ever made and well worth the price you pay. I don’t know about you guys but I sure think that shoes have personalities and this one screams versatile for me.I will post an outfit picture next Monday showing what I paired the shoes with this week coming up. I am a shoe and bag person, but I also love clothes…I love being a girl basically. Alright too much blabbering about THINGS or else I will make a purchase, and no one and by that I MEAN my husband wants that!
“Good shoes take you to good places”
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi 

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