Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

img_0232Good morning everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful Monday morning. I am extremely happy to present to you my Christmas tree. We went with the traditional route and created this flashy tall tree to light up anyone’s Holiday. It is truly wonderful to sit down at night with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate along with loved ones and just enjoy a positive conversation with the lights flashing on the tree. We did this last night and I woke up very happy and excited for the Holidays around the corner. Something about the Holidays just brings us together. This picture simply does not do justice to how it really looks in person. It is not able to capture what our eyes simply can. The tree itself has character and each ornament that is placed on it is giving it warmth and love in its own way. My sister in law and I worked on this tree for hours when finally we were over being covered in glitter and dust. This year the tree was our duty to complete and we had fun doing it. I hope everyone has a fun partner to put a Christmas tree up with, it just makes the whole process more lovely. Hope you guys enjoy this picture of my Christmas tree and put yours up soon to enjoy! Have a wonderful and productive day.
What does your Christmas tree look like, post on Instagram and tag me to see #creativien
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi 

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