Crazy Things I Like To Do On My Down Time…

Hey guys, today’s blog will consist of almost all the crazy things I like to do on my down time, if I could remember all of them…and when I actually do get down time.


  1. I love watching Family Guy. I know, it’s weird and all but I do, I love it so much. Another show I love to watch for hours and hours is Big Bang Theory…JUDGE ME NOW!
  2. I think I have a HUGE obsession with murder mysteries. You guys…I cannot stop watching documentaries about them. I also love forensic files, it is just so darn interesting. I should have gone in with a different major! Is anyone else in the same boat? Like I will watch it for hours frozen into my laptop and then I would have to talk about it with my husband or my friend Anna, she is also insane like me. It is just so fascinating!
  3. I could sit for hours and just eat hot cheetos/junk food(keep in mind that I don’t actually eat the cheetos, I lick the spice and throw it away)…without making any sound. My mom says as a child until now I am the same way. She told me if she put me on the sofa for 3 hours, I would not move, I was basically a good girl 🙂 or a psychopath…
  4. I sometimes listen to beautiful songs then try to sing them myself. I find the lyrics to it online and could do this for hours. I love singing, and if you are dear to me, you might get lucky and hear it.
  5. I love to draw, I am not good at drawing faces but I definitely can draw clothes, flowers…and well, that’s about it. Although I truly enjoy it.
  6. I love shopping, this is my muse, my anxiety crusher, my therapy. I know I may sound crazy but if I am mad, sad, or feeling iffy I just go to a store and my mind shuts down, all my worries wash away for those 2-3 hours and I come out as a new energized human being. Swear!
  7. I will never do homework early on my downtime, are you insane? #procrastinationislife
  8. I like to listen to audio books, but not read them. Ask me again why I graduated with an English Lit degree, no one knows.
  9. I love talking on the phone, but no one around me does…
  10. I also love trying on outfits then writing it in my phone so I won’t forget to wear it in the future because I have a fish memory, not sure if that’s even a thing but you get the point.
Well that is it for now and for what I can remember, I hope that you guys can relate to at least 50% of these or else I am going to feel like an outcast…
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi

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