What’s Your Type?

With December just around the corner and many people already putting up their Christmas trees and decors, what are you guys planning on choosing as a theme this year?


First I have here a very modern twist to Christmas where there is not much color. It is pretty dull but has a shining personality. It’s edgy, cute, and different all at once which gives a nice ring to the holidays to change up a bit. I personally love the style and would do this one day to my own tree, just with my own twist. I really feel like times are changing and people are starting to get out of the old days and change the style of Christmas decor. #positive
Next is the ultimate traditional style tree which is always a beauty. This is what I have at my house since I got married. Very chic, traditional, full of life, and rich looking tree. Now keep in mind these pictures are not my own, but I will soon post a picture of my tree once it is complete and dressed for guests. I love the tree by the window where it’s personality can shine through from inside out, especially at night time when the lights are all on and it is glowing. There is something about Christmas that really brings people together isn’t there? Even though the tough times could continue on the next day. It’s all about the setting. Going back to the subject, I think this is a go to for a lot of people since it is very traditional and comforting.


Lastly, the girly tree, the out of the ordinary tree that some people choose to go with. I cannot say that I am a fan of this, in fact I’m not at all. With this I feel as if it loses the meaning of Christmas a bit, criticize me or not. I guess it is fine for a child’s room but I would definitely not make it a setting in the living room generally. It just isn’t me. I like color if I am going with the traditional route but other than that neutrals such as gold’s, silvers, and whites will do.
Leave a comment below to what your style will be for this Christmas!
Dear Santa, I am writing to let you know that I have been naughty and it was worth it!
See you in a bit,
Love Vivi/ Creativien

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