What Are You Thankful For?

imageshanksgiving is all about what and who makes us happy. Celebrating not only one day of good deed but year round. I am number one thankful for health. I have learned so much over this year from just something we went through and is overcoming as a family that to me and I think to almost everyone health is the key. I am thankful to have such amazing and supportive people in my life. My husband being my number one and my two moms, birth mom and mother in law. These three people by my side give me the world of happiness and warmth that is for a lifetime. I am thankful to be so close to my future job, thankful to live in the U.S. and to be able to absorb all sorts of opportunities. I am thankful to have food on my table and be surrounded by loved ones. The list will never end, it just wouldn’t. There is so much I can say but this blog will go on for years and years and who wants to read that? One more thing I am thankful for but that shall remain untold…for now. I truly hope that everyone has a great stuffed/fat thanksgiving with their loved ones and to really truly be happy with what they already have. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!
“Take time to be thankful for everything that you have. You could always have more, but you could always have less”. -Unknown
What are you thankful for?
See you in a bit, 
Love Vivi/ Creativien 

2 thoughts on “What Are You Thankful For?

  1. And I’m thankful for having such a sweet, thoughtful, and very caring harsik like you. Your posts are always on point and very close to heart. Happy thanksgiving to your beautiful family! 😘


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