img_3400I want to dedicate my blog post to my husband today. A lot of times or should I say most of the time, I post pictures of myself, makeup, outfits, and basically anything but him on Instagram or on my blog and I think today I should just devote it to him. I think we don’t give men a lot of credit for what they do for us and what they are for us. My husband is a HUGE part of my life, yes I am an independent woman who has a mind of her own but I cannot say that “I don’t need a guy, I can do it all by myself, this is 2016, blah blah blah”. Truth is, I do need him because he is my best friend and he is my half. If I had not met him maybe I’d think differently but I did and so here are my thoughts. In my opinion, it isn’t true when people say I don’t need him or I don’t need her. NO, you both need each other because you both complete a certain part of each others lives, there is simply no such thing. A human needs human contact whether its love related or friendship. Enjoy every bit together, laugh together, get on each others nerves, fight, love, just simply be together. Anyways, going back to where I was saying that I don’t tell him enough of how sweet he is or how he is the only person I could be completely and utterly honest with. I’d like to think that he is my equal and ladies you should all consider thinking that because you both need to be on the same page and have the same amount of respect towards each other. The more respect and love you have the longer and stronger the relationship will become.Sometimes when I look back at my relationship I think to myself, how lucky I got to have such a simple minded, down to earth, extremely smart, golden heart-ed, handsome young man. If anyone is in the same place as I am you know exactly what I mean and that list I just mentioned above can go on and on. Anyone who has not met someone of their dreams, I truly hope you do and feel crazy amount of love and support. Friendship in a relationship is KEY. Good luck everyone and Happy Halloween, grab your BOO!
P.S. the picture above is my husband and I on our wedding day while dancing our first dance together. A family friend gifted this sketch to us, check him out on Instagram “byromboy”


See you in a bit,
Love Vivi/Creativien

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