Simply, Elcie.


Hi viewers!

I recently got my hands around this product/foundation that I have been really hearing positive things about from all large Youtubers and Instagramers.
So the color I purchased is in “Vanilla”. I actually got matched by @armdee_mua so she really hit home run with my color because I was ready to try all sorts of colors without truly knowing the perfect shade. That usually happens when purchasing a foundation…somehow it is never right. Although, I am very happy with the outcome with this match. I have not yet tried it with a full face and a step by step application to see what really works with my skin more, I will be doing that soon. I love switching from one foundation to another, I feel as if I am the only human being on this planet that enjoys that and gets some sort of excitement out of it. Even if I have a descent working foundation I still prefer to try new ones and test them out, sometimes without even knowing anything about them. I am crazy, I know…
Now starting with where my issues stand, I naturally have dry skin which means I have to moisturize double than regular, and use foundations that are more on the oil base, which I do not necessarily mind. Although sometimes some foundation are too oily and I cannot stand it so then I have to apply a little bit of powder over it and then it just becomes a mess on face. Anyways, I will give this foundation a try and keep everyone posted! Stay tuned and
see you in a bit,
Love Vivi/ Creativien

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